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Hi friends! My name is Ava and I am the creator of RPH Fiction.

Elaina’s and Rae’s story takes up my head. I am releasing it on the blog by seasons, and I post once a week, usually on Mondays. Pacer Hill is an escape for me, a world inspired by the Harry Packer Mansion in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania (fun fact, Disney’s Haunted Mansion was also inspired by this old home). However, it is not for all readers. In this coming of age story about two best friends conquering the world from the top of their hill, while facing real life issues. These issues can be TRIGGERING, and include addiction, s**ual violence, d**estic abuse, and s**cide. My spirited characters often use strong language, as well. I understand that the story I am telling may not be for everyone, but I love creating inside of this world. It has helped me grow, heal, and recognize my own strengths and weaknesses.

Creating brings me peace, and this is where I create. By following this blog you are right inside of my creative process. My goal is to turn RPH Fiction into a business. I am in the works of creating an affiliated podcast, and I also hope to be able to help other writers SHARE their work with readers, as opposed to agents who only send back rejection letters.

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I am so thankful to those who follow me and have given me a chance. All it takes is one person to love what I am doing, and the rest will fall into place.

This is the place that inspired it all, and where a piece of my heart will always belong. The building shown is the Asa Packer Mansion, a historical building in Jim Thorpe, PA.

Season of Growth (S1) Part 1- Current

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  • Begin, Again (Season of Growth)
    Elaina Trigger warnings apply: self harm, addiction, sexual abuse My life felt like a series of people tinkering and toying with me. Some things that happened to me as a child, I didn’t even understand until I grew up, like the man who handled Georgie’s landscaping, and liked to take me into the gardening shed for our “secret playtime.” That began when I was four and ended when I was six, after I mentioned meeting him to my mom. He was fired, but I wasn’t asked anymore questions or explained to why he was wrong. I lived too much ofContinue reading “Begin, Again (Season of Growth)”
  • Dark Corners (Season of Growth)
    Trigger warnings: suicide, self harm Rae I woke up to the sound of my shower running, and through the open door I could see Eli’s muscular form as he washed his hair. He always sang to himself in the shower about what he was doing, a sign of how content he was in life. Nothing shook his pleasant mood, and I wished I could get to that level of comfort, but I wasn’t there, yet. “Is it really five in the morning?” I grumbled, after taking a peek at my phone. I growled as I realized I had to pee,Continue reading “Dark Corners (Season of Growth)”
  • Butterfly Wings (Season of Growth)
    Elaina I stood in the middle of my dream. Something that began out of boredom with a pencil and paper in front of me, became real. Within five weeks of sharing my sketches and ideas with Rae, Georgie’s Suites grew from a vision that kept me awake at night into my home away from home. In my office, I waited to deliver my welcome speech to a group of prospective employees, and high profile Pepper’s Ferry citizens with Rae standing right beside me. “There’s my lady.” Chase showed off his dimples as he walked into the room, holding a bouquetContinue reading “Butterfly Wings (Season of Growth)”
  • Scrapped Pt 3. Available…
    The scrapped (& unedited) version of part three is available on the RPH Patreon, along with up & coming bonus content. Click here for continuous bonus content. Soon to come for the Pacer Hill Project: The Hilltop Swag Podcast The sister novel to the RPH blog story. Music added to each blog post to show where I get my inspiration. For Patreon Members Only: Special blog posts meant for your eyes only. For example, Rae’s and Eli’s wedding will be one Patreon edition post. Monthly Q&A…Ask me everything you want to know about myself and the RPH characters. Monthly specialContinue reading “Scrapped Pt 3. Available…”
  • Shed Secrets (Season of Growth)
    Rae Trigger warnings: mentions of suicide, sexual abuse, abuse of a child I smiled as I walked down the grand staircase of Georgie’s to see Eli sitting at a table by the bar, looking up at me with awe in his eyes. It was a rare sight to see him wearing anything more than shorts in the summer heat, but he even had on a button up shirt and a pair of jeans that looked like he pulled them right off of the rack out of a store. Instead of his typical hat hair, he styled his curls with gelContinue reading “Shed Secrets (Season of Growth)”
  • Facing Fire… (Season of Growth)
    I have some big changes going on in my personal life. So, while I am focused on this, and with it being the holiday weekend I didn’t get a lot of work done on the Real Pacer Hill. Instead I am posting an unedited chapter of Facing Fire, a novel that will be available for my patrons by next year. I hope you enjoy! Chapter Four. “An emergency meeting?” Brittany asked as she entered Wedding Planner Manor and found all of us sitting around one of the tables we used to interview new couples. “Is this about you fainting atContinue reading “Facing Fire… (Season of Growth)”
  • The Merlin House
    Elaina Pacer always felt like she belonged to everyone else. Her time, her energy, her money…Before she ever had the chance to decide what she wanted to do tomorrow or what dress she wanted to wear to an event, somebody had it planned out for her. Sometimes, just waking up felt like a nightmare, because there was no opportunity to love herself. Whenever she did choose a restaurant or a bar to hangout at for the evening, it felt like most people only showed up because she was paying. But, the Merlin House was hers. Elaina painted every room theContinue reading “The Merlin House”
  • Waiting to Ignite (Season of Growth)
    Part Five From The Outside. While there may places like Pacer Hill somewhere in the world, there was nothing else like it in Roy County. A person could walk or drive up to the hill. Many tourists walked up there to see Georgie’s Mansion using the staircase by the Pepper’s Ferry Family Courthouse, finding themselves mesmerized by the vast size of the front porch where the old woman was known for sitting to watch over the town while sipping on her homemade lemonade during a hot Pennsylvania summer. The gardens that surrounded the property were where people usually lost themselvesContinue reading “Waiting to Ignite (Season of Growth)”
  • Elaina’s Playlist
    I wanted to give all of my readers something to vibe to, so I decided to create a playlist of the music that Elaina has playing on her sound system at the Merlin House to bring you deeper into the world of Pacer Hill! Every artist has something that inspires them, and these are just a few of the songs that help me sit through a five hour writing session. I hope you enjoy this! Click here to listen!
  • The Death of a Princess (Season of Growth)
    Trigger Warnings: violence, addiction Part Six Elaina As I looked through my purse for a small bottle of tequila to add to my iced coffee, I felt like throwing it across the room. I was ready to give up and chug half of a bottle of wine back at the Merlin House when my hand finally landed on the smooth, cold glass bottle.  “Are you serious?” Chase took a seat at my table with an iced cappuccino. “Bubba, what the fuck are you doing to yourself?” I added the alcohol to my iced coffee, ignoring the tears that burned inContinue reading “The Death of a Princess (Season of Growth)”
  • A Mission Message from RPH Creator
    Hi, friends! The more I work to promote this blog and get my story read, the more I see the trouble in the writing industry. So many writers are going unheard. Their stories are collecting dust. Hours of their lives wasted because they aren’t getting noticed, and this is how a writer loses faith in themselves. So, I am working to build RPH into a business. Not only do I have a couple of podcasts that I am developing in relation to Real Pacer Hill, but I want to extend a hand to other writers. Being able to come upContinue reading “A Mission Message from RPH Creator”
  • You Can Always Go Home (Season of Growth)
    Part Seven Rae During our seventh grade Christmas break, Elaina fell so ill with the flu that she had to be carried by her father into the bathroom. I went over there to check on the family with my parents, and when I snuck up to her room to check on her, I didn’t even recognize her. Darren later called on my parents to keep an eye on Emmet and Eli, and I became terrified that she was going to die. Faced with the idea of living without Elaina there to make me laugh, check up on me, or toContinue reading “You Can Always Go Home (Season of Growth)”
  • Support Needed…
    This is not an official RPH Fiction blog post. This is the creator being open and vulnerable for my readers to gain some support during a trying time in my life. Writing is what I love. It is the only thing I am sure of career wise. I have worked in so many customer services positions, I have been a manager, and I have even done custodial work for a school system. At the height of the pandemic I was pregnant and working at a smaller high end grocery store. I busted my ass to get through it until IContinue reading “Support Needed…”
  • It’s coming…
    The core of the story will always be free. But there is so much more to the story than what unfolds here. Details on how to purchase and when will be announced in coming weeks. To support the making of this novel and the RPH Fiction project leave me a tip. No monthly subscription required.

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