A Mission Message from RPH Creator

Hi, friends! The more I work to promote this blog and get my story read, the more I see the trouble in the writing industry. So many writers are going unheard. Their stories are collecting dust. Hours of their lives wasted because they aren’t getting noticed, and this is how a writer loses faith in themselves. So, I am working to build RPH into a business. Not only do I have a couple of podcasts that I am developing in relation to Real Pacer Hill, but I want to extend a hand to other writers.

Being able to come up with a story and put it on paper, is not as simple as it sounds. It is both beautiful and haunting. A writers’ mind is constantly thinking “what if” and trying to carry him/her in a different direction. I can’t speak for all writers, but my head is always in the story, even if it is something I have finished. We put hours into developing our stories, and then even more time into perfecting it (as much as we can). On top of that, writers are left to do their own promoting. Even after a manuscript has been finished and edited to its bones, there’s no promise that it will make it in front of readers.

My goal is to build my blog, and as I gain followers, breathe hope into writers. It may be bigger than me, but with support from my readers I hope that I can pick up likeminded people who want to help me in this mission.

Just buy me a coffee!

Again, the RPH story will remain free from start to finish! I originally built a Patreon for this blog, but I don’t think that it fits with my project. All I really want is a small tip if you enjoy my content. If your circumstances don’t make that an option, please share with a friend! My greatest goal is to reach as many people as possible.

As always, to the people who are following this story, follow me on Twitter or on my Facebook, each one of you are taking me a step closer to my dream, so thank you. Without your views on my page as encouragement, I don’t know that I would be as inspired as I am to continue, or if I would be enjoying this so much. For now, I’m taking it one post at a time and trying to give you the best, mostly for myself. I really love what I do!


The RPH Creator,

Ava McClure


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