Support Needed…

This is not an official RPH Fiction blog post.

This is the creator being open and vulnerable for my readers to gain some support during a trying time in my life. Writing is what I love. It is the only thing I am sure of career wise. I have worked in so many customer services positions, I have been a manager, and I have even done custodial work for a school system.

At the height of the pandemic I was pregnant and working at a smaller high end grocery store. I busted my ass to get through it until I had my son. Against my better judgment, I went back after my son was born. I earned the front end manager position, but shortly afterwards the company dissolved my position. I was never formally given this information. I found out when my store manager asked me if I received a bonus, and then said, “Oh yeah, you don’t get them anymore.” I still stayed. I still took on the tasks of hiring people, and through most of 2021 I was blamed for my lack of employees, although nobody was applying to work for our store. I left after countless moments of disrespect from two male managers who liked to put the shortcomings of my department on my shoulders, and simultaneously take credit for my success.

Since leaving, I haven’t been able to find a job in my city that will work with the schedule necessary to take care of my children. My husband works full time. We are in a position where we are moving to another state with better opportunity for us, and where we can make our dreams come true. I want to sell real estate and create my fiction stories for the world. He wants to run a lawn care business. Together we want to raise a healthy family and give our three children the world.

I work hard on the posts for RPH Fiction. Every post is hours of dedication that I post for free. I spread the word to get to readers on Twitter and Facebook. I do all of my own graphics and if the photo isn’t mine I never take claim of it when including it in a post. I am here to build a dream. I will not change the way I operate. There will never be a surprise subscription fee to hit you with. I only plan to build on what I have started with more posts, a podcast, and hopefully the opportunity to help other writers.

I am pushing for a $10k goal on my Ko-Fi account. This goal is important to the success of this page and the goals in my personal life. So, if you can share RPH Fiction with a friend who may like it, or tip me on your own it would be so appreciated! Like I said, I work hard to build this and I don’t intend to quit, but behind this keyboard is a human who needs a quick boost in faith. I am having a difficult time and it is not at all related to RPH Fiction. It is a circumstantial struggle that I am fighting like hell to overcome.

Thank you for your time.



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