The Merlin House

Not my image.

Elaina Pacer always felt like she belonged to everyone else. Her time, her energy, her money…Before she ever had the chance to decide what she wanted to do tomorrow or what dress she wanted to wear to an event, somebody had it planned out for her. Sometimes, just waking up felt like a nightmare, because there was no opportunity to love herself. Whenever she did choose a restaurant or a bar to hangout at for the evening, it felt like most people only showed up because she was paying.

But, the Merlin House was hers.

Elaina painted every room the color that she chose, and she made sure that there was no television. Elaina hated TVs. Where most people would put one in the center of the living room, she put the control tower for her sound system. Music was her joy, and there was always music playing at the Merlin House.

She had her own office to fill with her art. Her art, the one thing that had always belonged to just her, filled a room in the house that was just hers.

Out of everything that Georgie left her—and she really did leave her everything—the Merlin house was her greatest treasure, a safe haven, a quiet place to lay her head down and enjoy the lyrics of her favorite song.

The Merlin House was the place where Elaina would learn how to love herself. Perhaps, for the first time in her young life.


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