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About me

I have been writing since the fifth grade. I was always excited to show my fifth grade teacher my notebook full of stories. I have never been distracted from my goal of connecting with people through my writing. Even after getting married and having children, my major goal has been to write something that connects with people, and then to keep writing. Along with writing, I love snapping pictures, I fall into music, I escape with slimy reality TV, and I listen to a million true crime podcasts (shoutout to True Crime Obsessed and Morbid). I am a softball mom to an elementary aged student, a snack toting mom to two toddlers, and a wife to an amazing husband—We dream big together, and that’s what brought me here. I always tell my children that hard work gets you everywhere. There is nothing I work harder at than fueling my creative passion, and loving the people I love.

Why This Method?

I could have chose a traditional publishing method or self published, but honestly my vision for Pacer Hill is so vast I thought building a blog and letting people fall into this fictional world with me was my best route. This gives me freedom that I wouldn’t have in traditional publishing, options to provide my readers with more, and a chance to even draw in other writers who see the potential in my vision. I have always been an independent person who prefers to do things my own way, and it really shows in the Real Pacer Hill project. I can’t wait to unveil what’s inside of my head. It’s crazy here!