Scrapped Pt 3. Available…

The scrapped (& unedited) version of part three is available on the RPH Patreon, along with up & coming bonus content.

Click here for continuous bonus content.

Soon to come for the Pacer Hill Project:

  1. The Hilltop Swag Podcast
  2. The sister novel to the RPH blog story.
  3. Music added to each blog post to show where I get my inspiration.

For Patreon Members Only:

  1. Special blog posts meant for your eyes only. For example, Rae’s and Eli’s wedding will be one Patreon edition post.
  2. Monthly Q&A…Ask me everything you want to know about myself and the RPH characters.
  3. Monthly special guests editions of Hilltop Swag…

& so much more, including merch for fans and subscribers, Elaina’s playlist, and chances to meet me! Watch out for the RPH party and live readings from me.


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